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Groomed Book & Group Reviews

“With sharp insight culled from years of counseling experience, Good helps women find ways to confront grooming and take practical steps toward creating a healthier future.”

-Publisher's Weekly

"Thank you so much for the signed copy of Groomed. Your incredible story of overcoming adversity and determination to help others is absolutely inspiring. We will not stop working until we have rooted out modern slavery. Your leadership is certainly making a different. Thank you again for the book."

-Ivanka Trump

"After being in a Groomed Group, I knew God was speaking to me and healing me from the inside. It was beautiful and powerful!  He brought things to my memory and He helped me process through those things one at a time, then we released those things together and freedom happened in that place. God used the book Groomed and the people in my group to bring me to a place of complete freedom from anything that was holding me back from His best for my life. So, I say again, this journey has been life altering and I am excited for the next phase of this journey of transformation."


"“I just completed four weeks of the powerful, life changing Freedom Group with Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good.  Being a survivor of sex trafficking at the age of 17, I really had no idea just how much baggage was holding me back until I read the book Groomed.  With Elizabeth’s strong guidance through the book, we were able to quickly shed decades of burdens, dark secrets and come out the other side feeling like the weight of the world has left our shoulders.  I highly recommend the book Groomed and partaking in this Freedom Group.  The power of connecting with others and sharing your deepest hurts while experiencing such overwhelming acceptance and love, this is the true power of “Freedom Groups”.  I will always be grateful for finding this group and regaining my boldness and strength in pursuing my passions in life.  No more shall the darkness hold me back from my dreams.”


"As a survivor of sex trafficking, I knew I was groomed for the darkness of sex trafficking. It wasn't until reading "Groomed" and participating in the free with E group that I realized my grooming was even deeper than I imagined, and it was still affecting me by stunting my potential. I recommend the book and group to everyone I know! I am even giving them the fine print disclaimer to be prepared for breakthroughs that lead to true freedom!"


"I still am not sure how I was prompted to buy Groomed on Amazon but I did before it came out. The Covid lockdown had isolated me and I used the time to delve deep into unresolved childhood issues. The Epstein pedophilia case was really triggering as well so I took a leap of faith and joined Elizabeth’s Groomed zoom group.  The experience of bonding with a very diverse age and stage of life women on the shared basis of faith and really hearing the stories of women caught in the same traps and bondage as I had been was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Being gently reminded by Elizabeth to take the next steps of self examination and freeing myself, with the Lords help has changed my life. 
The fear of being honest is fading away, the people pleasing is fading as well. The secrets I kept without even realizing are becoming a mental platform of commonality to relate to the women I minister to, the formerly incarcerated as the prisons are still shut down.  I have shared the book with many and just the title has opened the door to allow others to share their past that until now has remained a secret. I recommend this book and the groups through Elizabeth as a key to unlock a trap set by the enemy in our past and change our lives and allow us to set others free."

“I have been scared to build friendships because of my past. I worried what would happen if people found out who I used to be...but I’m not going to let that hold me back anymore. No more secrets, because I know that’s not who I am anymore.”


“If I could rename this book I’d call it, ‘my whole life is a lie’ because I never realized that I have been believing lies about myself, that I wasn’t worthy, that I deserve to be walked all over, that I could forgive others but never myself.... now I’m getting free from those lies and learning who I really am.”


"The Groomed Group was so powerful for me. What began as a group of seven strangers quickly became a safe place to share our hearts. Through reading and processing each chapter we all learned more about our pasts, our presents, and how we wanted to live our futures. Through laughter and tears I realized I wasn't alone."


“Elizabeth has the most amazing way of helping you see things you never saw about yourself by sharing her own story in such a nonjudgmental way that it helps me finally deal with what I’ve gone through.”


"The Groomed Group was so powerful for me. What began as a group of seven strangers quickly became a safe place to share our hearts. Through reading and processing each chapter we all learned more about our pasts, our presents, and how we wanted to live our futures. Through laughter through and tears I realized I wasn't alone, and that my heart's greatest desire - my deepest fears, my hardest questions, didn't have to go unanswered or unrecognized, in fact they were welcomed by caring, prayerful, and powerful women. Elizabeth put words to emotions, and ways of thinking, I didn't know how to name before reading Groomed. While going through an unprecedented pandemic and a massive change in my personal life, I clung to the gold nugget of honesty, of vulnerability, and of truth, found in the women I shared my Groomed experience with. I highly encourage you to read Groomed then be brave enough to place yourself in the community God has for you and open your heart to receive what is there."



I just want to briefly talk about this incredible book “GROOMED” by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good.  It captivated me from the first sentence which is…..”It started with a secret.”…….That sentence drew me right in. I couldn’t put the book down until I reached Chapter 4 and realized it was talking about me. Wow! When Elizabeth suggested we have a book club to discuss and review the book. God truly orchestrated our group. I met the most wonderful girls in this book club group and the platform became a safe haven to share and get rid of old baggage. Little did I know it would open doors I had nailed shut. I began to see where I had been groomed. I now have the power to reverse the lies that were told to me as a child. Almost every chapter brought back memories sealed up in the past out into the light. I talked about them and set them free."


"This book showed me my whole life story... one I didn't realize I needed to tell!' Elizabeth shared things that I have kept secrets about in my own life and now I have the freedom to speak up and walk in freedom."


"From the first page, to my first Groomed Group meeting, I knew this book was going to change my life in the best way."


"My entire life it was always ingrained in me to not say anything. Nobody will believe you, what are people going to say, you're going to make me/us look bad, there are always consequences for saying stuff like this, people have their own problems, what good is it going to do? Though this book isn't long, it is just over 200 pages, it is a really fast read and you'll be glued to it. You will identify with a lot of it because through the author's very personal stories she explains grooming and how we are all groomed in some way. Most of it we don't even realize and looking back in hindsight is startling to realize how close we were to someone who didn't have our best interests in mind. It isn't even just sexual abuse, it can be as simple as the way we handle a crisis. The messages you receive groom you to believe the treatment you are enduring is ultimately OK.  I found myself re-reading passages and having to take a break to think about it and try to understand my past traumas in a different light."

-Stranded in Chaos

"Groomed is an...honest, heart wrenching book that will, just by reading it, reveals something about yourself! What influenced you to live your life and feel about yourself the way you do? Groomed by Elizabeth Fisher Good shares her story, the lies that groomed her & the steps to discover the truth, our true strength & beauty."


"I recently read your book and couldn't help but give it to my friends and family as a gift, too. What an internal gem you delivered as you unpacked hope and revelation for so many! I feel like our stories align so much. It is amazing what the transformation and renewal of Christ give us when we seek Him. My life is an absolute 180 because of this and I could go on and on!"


"Trauma lives in our brains so deeply and completely. Especially for women who have been groomed by society for more than just sex. Elizabeth Fisher Good has written an amazing book about realizing that you are more than your past. She reveals the main ways women have been groomed and then uses her own story of abuse and real advice to help your brain overcome what holds you back from your brilliant future."


"A must-read for anyone with baggage! Not only does Elizabeth help us to unpack the layers of troubling messages told to us throughout our lives, but in doing so, she frees us to find the healing and light we didn’t even realize we needed. As one who works regularly with survivors of the sexual exploitation industry, this book greatly helped me to see the complexities that compound the trauma suffered by victims more clearly. "

 -Dawn Hawkins, Sr. Vice President, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

"In Groomed Elizabeth shares a raw, heart-wrenching story, digging deeply to save others–a vital education, a sad tale, and a miracle of truth. Stopping sex trafficking and helping young women thrive is only possible through the education this book provides. And, ultimately, the sad realization that it could have been any of us!"

–Dina Bair Maher, WGN-TV, Chicago, Anchor/Reporter

"This is a super intense read written by Elizabeth Fisher Good. But definitely eye-opening and an empowering must-read."


"To see how far she has come is beautiful. And I loved that she uses her experience to help others and make us see that our past does not define who we are. It won't happen overnight, but by using some of Elizabeth's techniques it can happen. I give Groomed 5 stars. It's a tragic yet enlightening story that is beneficial for personal growth and development. Being 'Groomed' doesn't define who we are and Elizabeth Fisher gives us the tools to embrace our true selves."


"So empowering and relatable! We’ve all been groomed in one way or another. Groomed really helped me as a parent. I’m paying more attention to how and what I convey and reflect towards my children. I healed wounds in my life I didn’t even know existed."


“I have known Elizabeth for about 8 years. I’m incredibly moved by how God has used ALL her story. The parts Satan meant to use to destroy her; God has used for good. Elizabeth is a warrior and champion giving a voice to the voiceless. Reading the pages of this book, Groomed, is yet another way of helping those who can’t or don’t know how to help themselves. I’m of the firm belief everyone who reads this book will be helped in some way!“

-Cindy Pentecost, Co-Founder, It Works Global and Author, I Get To Prepare My Heart - Christmas Devotional

“In a world where women tend to define their worth by their appearance, often feel invisible and frequently make decisions out of fear, the message of Groomed is desperately needed. Through her story, Elizabeth exposes the lies that groomed these destructive mindsets in us and guides us to the truth of our true beauty, strength and power. This book will change how you see yourself (and other women) as Elizabeth shares solution-oriented insights with an authentic voice & great wisdom. She will inspire & equip you to live a life of purpose, satisfaction and joy.“

-Katherine Lee, Author, Interrupted; Founder, Pure Hope Foundation

“Groomed provides both women and men with insights and observations to help them increase their self knowledge. with that knowledge their eyes will be opened to all the influences that have shaped their lives for good and ill. with that knowledge choices can be made to restore lives and strengthen relationships as they were meant to be.”

-Quin Frazer, Attorney, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

“This book is timely and speaks to all- male and female, young and old.  Elizabeth’s heart is poured into this book which will spread far and wide to comfort multitudes. Her slowly but powerfully unwrapped personal story and how she was able to deal with everything she experienced and the unraveling but healing questions offered will provide life saving help to all who come out of hiding and reach for or are handed this book.  I believe it will be recommended from person to person, group to group, family members to family members.  All ages will benefit from middle school to senior adults. It introduces the idea of getting help for themselves or recognizing those in their close circles who need help. This book should be required reading not only for certain classes at all levels but could be helpful for perpetrators as well. It may help them see the devastation they are creating in their victims and may open some long ago slammed shut doors in their own past and what possibly happened to them.  All those in the counseling, teaching, health and law enforcement fields need to read this to help identify and to help heal those who come to them. Important follow up books by Fisher Good are needed for elementary and middle school children. These would be age appropriate and offer insight to what is right and wrong and suggestions what actions they can and should take when.  This could help them avoid situations and help them to know what to do if it does or has happened to them or someone they know. I highly recommend this to all those in the counseling, teaching, health and law enforcement fields to help identify victims and to help heal those who come to them. I would hope the first edition printing was large.  It will sell out!”

-Mary Lou Johnson, Author/Photographer and Licensed Clinical Family Therapist 

“Never are the marginalized more exploited than in times of “prosperity“. The bounty of some, often comes through the trauma of others. In the modern Western world, like in ancient Rome, we seek entertainment and distraction to patch the void left unfilled by the comforts of our times. Elizabeth lives by the belief that how we treat “the least of these my brethren”, will determine our ultimate fate. “Groomed” asks a fundamental question, “What does it say about a society which savages its young and vulnerable?” The book reveals the darkness of spirit and the poverty of our souls. Relationships should be transformational, but outside of God’s light they are transactional, as “Groomed” reveals in heartbreaking anecdote after heartbreaking anecdote. Through Elizabeth’s book, you will discover what it means to “come to oneself”, being the intended state of God’s plan. For to come to oneself means to “see” the icon (image) of God within our fellow human beings. Co-suffering love calls us to suffer for one another, not cause another’s suffering. In the telling of how Elizabeth came to create her liberation organization, Selah Freedom, the book weaves a poetic narrative that exemplifies her belief that as we respect God’s Temple (the bodies of others) we give honor to our own Temples, thus living in communion with God, and with one another. This is the life-affirming message of “Groomed”, and of Elizabeth’s life’s work.”

-Steve Bynum, WBEZ Radio Chicago