Freedom Resources

You've started your freedom what?

You're not in this alone. I want to equip you with the resources and army you need to get free and stay free! You deserve freedom in your mind, body, spirit and emotions. Be sure to check out these vetted, proven resources and step into the healing and restoration you were created for!

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With Dr. Jason Quintal

Freedom from Trauma

Dr. Jason Quintal and his team are experts in clearing trauma through a variety of therapeutic methods tailored for your specific needs in the shortest timeframe possible.

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With Rodgers Christian Counseling and Marriage Works

 Freedom in Marriage & Relationships

Whether your marriage is in crisis or you are simply seeking to take your relationships to the next level, freedom and healing is possible.

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With Flourish Ministries &

One Heart One Hope

Spiritual Freedom & Inner Healing

Freedom is not only for your body and mind, it is for your spirit, as well. Flourish Coaching and One Heart One Hope offer sessions to help you seek, connect with and learn to hear from God. 

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