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Groomed is giving women freedom they didn't know they needed.

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"My entire life it was always ingrained in me to not say anything. Nobody will believe you, what are people going to say, you're going to make me/us look bad, there are always consequences for saying stuff like this, people have their own problems, what good is it going to do? Though this book isn't long, it is just over 200 pages, it is a really fast read and you'll be glued to it. You will identify with a lot of it because through the author's very personal stories she explains grooming and how we are all groomed in some way. Most of it we don't even realize and looking back in hindsight is startling to realize how close we were to someone who didn't have our best interests in mind. It isn't even just sexual abuse, it can be as simple as the way we handle a crisis. The messages you receive groom you to believe the treatment you are enduring is ultimately OK.  I found myself re-reading passages and having to take a break to think about it and try to understand my past traumas in a different light."

-Stranded in Chaos

“With sharp insight culled from years of counseling experience, Good helps women find ways to confront grooming and take practical steps toward creating a healthier future.”

-Publisher's Weekly

"Groomed is an...honest, heart wrenching book that will, just by reading it, reveals something about yourself! What influenced you to live your life and feel about yourself the way you do? Groomed by Elizabeth Fisher Good shares her story, the lies that groomed her & the steps to discover the truth, our true strength & beauty."


"Trauma lives in our brains so deeply and completely. Especially for women who have been groomed by society for more than just sex. Elizabeth Fisher Good has written an amazing book about realizing that you are more than your past. She reveals the main ways women have been groomed and then uses her own story of abuse and real advice to help your brain overcome what holds you back from your brilliant future."


"A must-read for anyone with baggage! Not only does Elizabeth help us to unpack the layers of troubling messages told to us throughout our lives, but in doing so, she frees us to find the healing and light we didn’t even realize we needed. As one who works regularly with survivors of the sexual exploitation industry, this book greatly helped me to see the complexities that compound the trauma suffered by victims more clearly. "

 -Dawn Hawkins, Sr. Vice President, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

"In Groomed Elizabeth shares a raw, heart-wrenching story, digging deeply to save others–a vital education, a sad tale, and a miracle of truth. Stopping sex trafficking and helping young women thrive is only possible through the education this book provides. And, ultimately, the sad realization that it could have been any of us!"

–Dina Bair Maher, WGN-TV, Chicago, Anchor/Reporter

"This is a super intense read written by Elizabeth Fisher Good. But definitely eye-opening and an empowering must-read."


"To see how far she has come is beautiful. And I loved that she uses her experience to help others and make us see that our past does not define who we are. It won't happen overnight, but by using some of Elizabeth's techniques it can happen. I give Groomed 5 stars. It's a tragic yet enlightening story that is beneficial for personal growth and development. Being 'Groomed' doesn't define who we are and Elizabeth Fisher gives us the tools to embrace our true selves."


"So empowering and relatable! We’ve all been groomed in one way or another. Groomed really helped me as a parent. I’m paying more attention to how and what I convey and reflect towards my children. I healed wounds in my life I didn’t even know existed."

-Valerie B.