Groomed Group Reviews

What are people saying about Groomed Groups?

“This group helped me start the process of freedom. I knew I was safe with a group of women who weren’t afraid to be real.”

-Shannon W.

“This experience opened my heart and mind up to so much I didn’t even realize was inside of me. I loved every second of it.”

-Angie S.

“God knew how much I needed this group. This has been a very difficult season but my group is the outlet I needed to heal.”

-Diana W.

"The Groomed Group was so powerful for me. What began as a group of seven strangers quickly became a safe place to share our hearts. Through reading and processing each chapter we all learned more about our pasts, our presents, and how we wanted to live our futures. Through laughter through and tears I realized I wasn't alone, and that my heart's greatest desire - my deepest fears, my hardest questions, didn't have to go unanswered or unrecognized, in fact they were welcomed by caring, prayerful, and powerful women. Elizabeth put words to emotions, and ways of thinking, I didn't know how to name before reading Groomed. While going through an unprecedented pandemic and a massive change in my personal life, I clung to the gold nugget of honesty, of vulnerability, and of truth, found in the women I shared my Groomed experience with. I highly encourage you to read Groomed then be brave enough to place yourself in the community God has for you and open your heart to receive what is there."

-Jen M.

"I just want to briefly talk about this incredible book “GROOMED” by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good.  It captivated me from the first sentence which is…..”It started with a secret.”…….That sentence drew me right in. I couldn’t put the book down until I reached Chapter 4 and realized it was talking about me. Wow! When Elizabeth suggested we have a book club to discuss and review the book. God truly orchestrated our group. I met the most wonderful girls in this book club group and the platform became a safe haven to share and get rid of old baggage. Little did I know it would open doors I had nailed shut. I began to see where I had been groomed. I now have the power to reverse the lies that were told to me as a child. Almost every chapter brought back memories sealed up in the past out into the light. I talked about them and set them free."

-Sandy G.

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