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Goodbye Grooming, Hello Freedom

Written by Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good

This eBook is one of Elizabeth Fisher Good's most popular publications available as a free download.

  • AWARENESS - understanding who you are.. what you do… and why it keeps repeating
  • EMPOWERMENT - not just to unpack your past BUT to repurpose it with full confidence, knowing and strength
  • LAUNCHING INTO PURPOSE - No more living below your calling…how to find the root, break free, release and relaunch

What People Are Saying:

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Ivanka Trump

"Your incredible story of overcoming adversity and determination to help others is absolutely inspiring.

We will not stop working until we have rooted out modern slavery. Your leadership is certainly making a difference."


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Shannon Berwind

"I felt like my group was such a safe space, and it was so full of women who were ready to be open and authentic. It changed my life and I want every woman to experience the kind of freedom that I have. It helped me process areas of my life I hadn't faced and heal from hurt I didn't even know was there. My transformation didn't end with my group, it is just beginning."

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Katherine Lee

"In a world where women tend to define their worth by their appearance, often feel invisible and frequently make decisions out of fear, Elizabeth's message is desperately needed. She exposes the lies that groomed these destructive mindsets in us and guides us to the truth of our own beauty, strength and power. This will change how you see yourself (and other women) as Elizabeth shares solution-oriented insights with an authentic voice & great wisdom. She will inspire & equip you to live a life of purpose, satisfaction and joy."

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Sandy Gross

"God truly orchestrated our group. I met the most wonderful girls in this book club group and the platform became a safe haven to share and get rid of old baggage. Little did I know it would open doors I had nailed shut. I began to see where I had been groomed. I now have the power to reverse the lies that were told to me as a child. Almost every chapter brought back memories sealed up in the past out into the light. I talked about them and set them free."