Every wonder if there's more? Through her cutting-edge program, REAL TALK, Elizabeth will empower and transform your organization to pursue its eternal purpose and make a lasting-kingdom impact. Step into a focused level of intentional growth and freedom like never before.


Elizabeth designed REAL TALK to produce maximum results in minimal time for Christian-led organizations like yours. She supports you in developing and refining the skills needed to live FREE and breakthrough to the next levels of passion and purpose. She will help you confront challenges head-on and develop a plan of action to overcome what has hindered your team in the past through this unique program.

REAL TALK is a systemic, unprecedented awakening and language tool to equip and protect every man and woman. Address difficult issues such as sexual abuse, post-abortive healing, pornography, domestic violence, divorce and remarriage and more. Help your leaders and team become BULLET PROOF and AWAKENED to all God has for you!

  • This is a train-the-trainer program. The Free With E team will train your lead trainers in each  curriculum. They will then train their individual teams in the material, and roll REAL TALK out within your organization. This creates scalability and sustainability.
  • We provide a national network of Christian inner-healing resources. REAL TALK may awaken deeply-rooted issues or past traumas which require specialized, one-on-one support. Some may feel more comfortable seeking this support anonymously, through a third party, instead of with those they intimately know through their own organization.
  • You are not alone as you roll out this unique program! The Free With E team hosts monthly calls for REAL TALK trainers and leaders to gain support, ask questions, and more.


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"This was a powerful experience for me. It helped me analyze feelings I hadn't processed before and learn how to deal with them in a healthy way. I've used what I learned in all of my relationships, most importantly, my marriage. God really used my group to change my life. REAL TALK has helped me become a healthier individual."

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"Through my group, I was able to quickly shed decades of burdens and secrets. I come out on the other side feeling like the weight of the world come off of shoulders. I highly recommend that every woman join a group. The power of connecting with others while experiencing love and acceptance. There is true power of these groups. Nothing can hold me back."

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"I have been scared to build friendships because of my past. I didn't realize how much I was held back until taking part in a group. I worried what would happen if people found out who I used to be...but I’m not going to let that hold me back anymore. No more secrets, because I know that’s not who I am anymore."

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"My group was so powerful! What began as a group of strangers quickly became a safe place to share our hearts. We all learned more about our pasts, our present, and how we wanted to live our futures. Through laughter and tears I realized I wasn't alone."

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"My fear of being honest is fading away, the people pleasing is fading as well. I recommend being a part of a group to every woman! Elizabeth helped me unlock a trap set by the enemy in my past and changed my life forever. Now, I am using this experience to set others free."

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"I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the REAL TALK men's group. I learned a lot about myself I never recognized which affected my life negatively. Past traumas, hurts, and experiences were brought up I never considered or thought about. I have overcome issues and experienced growth in many areas of my life, even in my marriage."