Whether you lead a Christian organization, megachurch, a women's ministry or pastor over Next Gen, our program will guide your church into the NEXT LEVEL OF FREEDOM! 

Learn how to help your leaders, team and congregation have a safe place to process and heal; address difficult issues such as sexual abuse, port-abortive healing, pornography, divorce and remarriage, mental health and more, within your ministry transparently and confidently; help your church become AWAKENED to all god has for you!

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Elizabeth Fisher Good gives practical support by offering strategic consulting programs and a fresh view to improving areas that may have hindered your ministry. 

Our Church and Christian Organization Consulting program provides an interactive process which will bring about instant, deep, and long-lasting results. Our program, based on biblical principals and years of experience, can help you see and understand more clearly the obstacles which are preventing your church leaders from reaching their full potential. It also builds systems within your church to express the painful or traumatizing situations that many of your congregants (of all ages) and leaders have experienced and need new levels of freedom and healing around. Protecting the innocent and at-risk children and youth is paramount, and our proven program makes accomplishing this attainable and turn-key.

Your ministry or business is highly called and chosen for such a time as this. This resource will help you become healthier, more connected, and ready to launch into the next chapter God is calling you into.