Boldly Authentic

Bravely Transparent

Unapologetically Free

Elizabeth Fisher Good

Motivational Speaker & Thought Leader  |  Anti-Sex Trafficking & Abuse Advocate  |  Women's Empowerment &  Leadership

Elizabeth Fisher Good is a thought leader, CEO, author of Groomed, visionary, advocate and inspiration. She not only breaks barriers and redefines leadership across the board, but also steadfastly leads the charge in fighting for justice for the marginalized and exploited... all while balancing her favorite roles as a wife and mother of three. She challenges individuals to step out the lies and shame of the past and embrace true freedom which comes from vulnerability, transparency and living beyond the shadows of secrecy. Elizabeth has a master's degree in Clinical Psychology and decades of experience in ministry and counseling.


As the CEO/Co-Founder The Selah Way Foundation and Co-Founder of Selah Freedom, she has brought freedom to thousands of American children and awakened generations to the realities of sex trafficking and abuse hiding in plain sight. She speaks and trains internationally, educating millions, and tirelessly advocates for legislation and solutions to bring light into the darkness. 


Elizabeth is poised to change the world and motivates everyone she encounters to embrace their unique calling to do the same. If you're seeking to live life free, Elizabeth invites you to take the journey with her!

Who the Son Sets Free, is Free Indeed

John 8:36

Photos: Alaina Tackett, A.R.T. Photographs

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