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Trade unspoken problems for unspeakable results with Elizabeth Good's newest release!

Available in print and Audible, read by Elizabeth Good.

Available on Kindle, Audiobooks, and wherever books are sold:

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Elizabeth Good has been a leader in the anti-sex trafficking movement since 2011. Her vision to end sexual exploitation led to the launch of The Foundation United (est. 2018). As Founder/CEO of The Foundation United, she leads the organization in collaboratively providing systemic change to eradicate sexual exploitation and address sexual abuse, the root cause of trafficking. Her experience from corporate America, to being an Area Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, to creating REAL TALK, a systemic tool to protect and arm churches, has positioned her to awaken and bring freedom to individuals from all walks of life. Her passion exists for leaders of the global Church. She is the author of Groomed (Harper Collins, 2020), and Speak The Unspeakable: Real Talk on Secrets, Sex and Being Set Free (Whitiker House, 2023). She is the recipient of the New York City Global Business Leader Award, SRQ Women of Influence Award, Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year Award, and honored as one of the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century in New York City. She has led two TedX and LiftX Talks on leadership for over 17,000 military leaders, and spoke at the 2022 Global Strategy Forum in Austria. Elizabeth was a featured speaker at 2023 Conference for The Vision of Leading Women at The Palace of the Parliament Human Rights Hall in Bucharest, Romania.

Praise for Elizabeth's Newest Book
Speak The Unspeakable

Following on the heels of Elizabeth’s revealing book “Groomed,” another major step is taken with “Speak the Unspeakable.” So many men and women who follow Jesus have much sexual baggage deeply buried, including sexual abuse, abortions, adultery, etc. “Speak the Unspeakable” provides a gutsy, yet tried-and-true path, that individuals and churches can take as they seek to come to the healing light offered by Jesus. This is not a self-improvement book. Walking this path will take courage if you or someone you love is fed up with pretending everything is okay, hiding what was done to you [or which you did to someone] which was unspeakable … but which once openly ‘spoken’ to trusted others, brings deep-down-to-your heart forgiveness, healing and true life.

Ken Harrison, President, Promise Keepers

Speak the Unspeakable carries a treasured, unique, anointed, and urgent message of hope for our churches, our families, our children, and for us. First, we see that we cannot walk in our calling when we are trapped in our past.  Then, we go on to see how churches, families, and parents can change to become havens of hope:  instead of walking alone with our secrets, we become free to speak and pray about our fears, traumas, and abuses.  And she gives us fresh new language for talking with our children and grandchildren about accessing help when they face such matters. We are blessed by using the ‘keys’ Elizabeth shares, reminding us “to ask for where the good way is, and walk in it, and find rest for our souls (Jeremiah 6:16).” These keys unlock transformational healing so that we live walking in full freedom -- together, not alone -- to fulfill our calling and purpose in Christ Jesus our Lord.  

Dr. Susan Hillis, Global Coordinator for Strategy, World Without Orphans

In her new book, Speak the Unspeakable, Elizabeth Good has cut the human experience open and helped us to see ourselves through a lens that is both hopeful but also extremely honest about what is wrong and how to have some self- and spiritual intelligence on going after making it right. It’s a completely unique read that would help any spiritual maturity level grow into a new version of ourselves. It spends just the right amount of presenting a case and research for how we are wired to confess, to open up, to process, but Elizabeth also shares very touching and real stories both from her personal life and from people she is around. The book reminds me of the Message version of the Bible in Matthew 5:8: “You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.” I think this book helps us to do just that.

Shawn Bolz, TV Host, Commentator, Journalist, Podcaster, Author, Minister

Elizabeth Good’s message through Speak the Unspeakable is crucial for the world. Leaders can no longer stay silent when it comes to gender inequality, sexual violence and exploitation, and generational abuses. We must take courage, raise our voices, and take action to bring these things to light. This book and Elizabeth’s work around the world give us hope that change in our personal lives, faith communities and governments is vital and achievable.

Rozalia Biro Member of the Romanian Parliament and President/ Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs

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